The Do’s And Don’ts Of Sign Repair: Stay Safe And Save In Edmonton, AB

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sign Repair: Stay Safe and Save in Edmonton, AB

Signage is the most popular form of advertisement for business owners. They are much more cost-effective than other forms of marketing and the right signage gives a business a good first impression, lets prospective customers know of its existence, and helps a business stand out from the competition.

Signage is typically made from the highest quality material that is durable and weather resistant. However, even the most durable signs will break down over time if not properly and regularly maintained.

Let’s take a look at what you should do and what you should not do when repairing your signage.


Outdoor signs are the most prone to damage as they are exposed to the elements. But even interior signs can get easily damaged, especially those signs located in high-traffic areas, near food stations, or in areas that receive direct sunlight.

  1. Clean all exterior and interior signs on a regular basis. For outdoor signs, it is recommended that you clean them at least 3-4 times per year. Indoor signs should be cleaned at least 4 times per year. Use a mild liquid detergent and either a soft sponge or lint-free cotton cloth to clean the surface of your signage. Rinse thoroughly, then wipe dry immediately to prevent water spots.
  2. Check all outdoor signs on a bi-weekly basis for cracks, tears, faded paint and, if you have an LED sign, electrical outages. Contact a professional sign company to make any repairs you are unable to do yourself.
  3. Cut back shrubs and remove any branches from nearby trees that will overtime obstruct your sign’s view to passersby.
  4. For indoor signs that are located near windows: install blinds on those windows so that you can shut out the light during the sunniest times of the day. This will help prevent your sign from fading.


  1. Never use a pressure washer to clean your outdoor signs. High pressure can cause irreparable damage to your sign.
  2. Do not use water above 180 degrees to clean your signage. You risk burning yourself and doing permanent damage to your sign.
  3. Never clean an LED sign while it is turned on. Always make sure it is turned off first before you clean it.
  4. For indoor and outdoor signs that are located in high places where a ladder is needed: Never climb a ladder without supervision and without making sure it is firmly planted on a flat surface. Call a signage repair company to maintain signage that is higher than what can be safely reached with a ladder.
  5. Avoid the use of cleaning materials that contain harsh chemicals, paper towels, newspaper, metal cleaning scrubs or SOS pads to clean your sign. These cleaning materials may scratch and pit your sign’s surface and finish.

All of these tips are designed to help you properly maintain your sign so that you can prolong your sign’s life, save money and keep safe.

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