Everything You Need to Know About Sign Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and Repair When it comes to designing a new sign, the whole process can be fun. Then when it comes to the installation part, businesses get all excited because their message is out there and it is time to see the results of the signs. When all goes well, after a point, the sign may get neglected and you may not notice that the sign is soiled, the LED lights are off, or there is minor wear and tear. Whatever happens to the sign, with timely sign maintenance & repair, you can avoid the whole hassle of paying more for installing a new sign. At Pivotal Signs & Imaging, we undertake designing quality signs that are crafted to last for years. But, unforeseen circumstances could lead to your signs encountering certain problems. When that happens, make sure to call our team for maintenance & repair.

To avoid major maintenance & repair, here are a few things you can do at your end to keep your signs in top-notch condition.

  1. Clean the sign from all sides, inside and out as well. Speak to us about what cleaning material can be used before you use something that could harm the sign. For example, certain cleaning agents can have strong chemicals that can affect the colors of your sign. Therefore, make sure to speak to the team about what cleaning materials can be used.
  2. If you can, place the sign in a space where the sun does not shine directly on it nor does it get drenched in the rain too much. While the signs are made to withstand weather conditions, it would be ideal to cover them or provide some sort of shade. This will help your sign look as good as new for a longer period.
  3. If you notice any form of damage, address it immediately. Contact our team for maintenance & repair so that you can save yourself from investing in a new sign as it can be completely avoided. When maintained well, signs can last a long time, years even.

So, your job does not end with the designing and installation phase. Once in a while take a good look at the sign to make sure all is well with it. If your notice something wrong, address it immediately, for the reasons listed above. Our team is one call away from all maintenance & repair services.

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