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Wayfinding Signs Wayfinding signs are extremely crucial for businesses because they help guide customers and employees to different areas. They can be installed inside or outside, depending on your requirement. For whatever purpose you need wayfinding signs, our team at Pivotal Signs & Imaging can help design them for you in Barrhead. These signs do not just provide directional information but also help your brand in many other ways. Read through to know how these signs can benefit your brand by understanding their uses.

  1. By putting up quality signs, you convey a strong message informing your customers that you care about their well-being and convenience. This would in turn make them appreciate your brand even more.
  2. Signs have a way of communicating to customers about your brand’s personality. Therefore, you should always look into the design of the signs and ensure that you make them informative and attractive.
  3. Wayfinding signs help avoid chaos and confusion people may face when they do not know in which direction they are headed. These signs promote a happy experience for all customers and employees too as they would be able to guide the customers better.
  4. Certain industries need wayfinding signs to keep people aware of where they are headed. It also helps avoid injuries and accidents that people may not realize without these signs.
  5. When installed outside, wayfinding signs direct customers straight to your establishment. Therefore, make it creative and informative to lure existing and prospective customers.

There are many different types of wayfinding signs to choose from. Whether you are looking for directional, regulatory, informative, or identification signs, make sure that they communicate the message you wish to display. Using a combination of icons and words makes it easier for people who cannot read a particular language. Also, ensuring the fonts and colors used to design these signs is extremely crucial. Therefore, take your time into looking for some inspiration and see what would best suit your business. You will find numerous examples to pick and choose from. Once you decide the type of wayfinding sign you wish to have, personalize it with your brand elements. This will instantly ring a bell in the minds of the customers and they will be able to identify who you are.

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