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Car WrapsIf you are looking to give your car a fresh look or you are looking to customize it with some creative information about your business, car wraps are a great option. There are many benefits that you get out of car wraps, but to take full advantage of them, it is important that you work with a sign company that specializes in designing and installing quality car wraps.

If you are looking for car wraps, we at Pivotal Signs & Imaging can help fulfill your needs with some best-in-class wraps that will transform the look of your vehicle. Whether you are creating a wrap to promote a special deal or branding, or if you just wish to look unique on the road, we will help you right from the designing to the installation process. You may have some questions about how the process works and we will be happy to assist you with same. Read through to know how you can get the best value by customizing your car wraps.

  1. Car wraps are made with quality material that makes it act like a protectant for your vehicle. It saves the car from scratches and damage from UV rays.
  2. These wraps are a functional addition to your car and can be removed at any given point. If you have put it for advertising purposes and need to change the messaging, it can be easily done.
  3. Car wraps are widely used by businesses as they are a cost-effective means of advertising that generate thousands of impressions per day.
  4. In comparison to paint that easily gets scratched, car wraps are made to withstand these scratches. These durable car wraps can be easily patched up when they encounter minor tears.
  5. Since these wraps are customizable, you can choose to have your whole car wrapped or even partially wrapped, whatever you prefer. If you are confused, speak to our team and upon reviewing your requirements, we will suggest what would work best for you.
  6. With proper care and maintenance, car wraps are known to last easily for more than 5 to 7 years. This depends on how well you care for your vehicle and also how often you ensure you fix damaged areas of the wraps.
  7. If you are worried whether these wraps will damage the paint of your car then be rest assured that they won’t. On the contrary, they will protect your vehicle’s paint.

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So, if you are convinced and are looking to customize your vehicle or a fleet of vehicles in Sherwood Park, get in touch with our team to explore your options and get the best value on your investments. Contact us today!

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