The Importance of Sign Permits

Application and PermittingGone are the days when stores and businesses could easily promote their business by putting up signs as per their research analysis. Today, it is of utmost importance that you get a permit to put up a sign. The sign laws differ from place to place, city to city, and province to province. What may be acceptable in a particular region, may not work for your city. At Pivotal Signs & Imaging, you can leave the burden of sign permits requirements with our team. We are well-versed with the bylaws in each city and can help you in attaining all the permits you may require.

Filling out any application can be quite challenging and therefore, our team will sit with you and review the forms to make the entire sign permits process easier for you. Wondering why these permits are crucial? Read through to know.

  1. The importance of sign permits has risen only in the past few years. For many reasons, businesses are asked to get permits. Landlords, city officials, and the public, in general, may not approve of your sign in a designated area and therefore it is crucial that you get a permit so that you can place your sign in a particular area. Or else it would be an expensive loss in case you have to bring down the sign.
  2. Some signs are made with lights and it is important that the electrical wiring is taken up by a professional for the safety of the general public and those living around the sign. Therefore, these factors must be duly accounted for too.
  3. In some cases, without a permit, businesses can design and print signage that is too large to be placed in certain spots. Without permits, this could become an inconvenience to a lot of people. Therefore, there are laws in place to tackle such situations.

Rules and regulations are a good thing. Without them, there would be no order to govern what is appropriate and what is not. Sign Permits are crucial aspects when it comes to designing signs and therefore, we encourage that you work with us because we will help make the whole process simpler for you.

Signs are a crucial part of your business and we would want you to get the best value by following all the sign permits laws that are in place. Contact us today for all your sign requirements.

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