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Ceiling GraphicsEvery space can be used for effective advertising if you know how to utilize it. Windows and walls are spaces that generally take the pie when it comes to graphics. Did you know, ceiling graphics can make an impressive statement for your business? Utilize the opportunity to inform your clients and customers about what you sell and to whom you cater. Over the years, our strong team at Pivotal Signs & Imaging has learned how businesses witness results when they undertake unique ways of reaching out to their customers. Speak to our team to get more insights on how ceiling graphics can benefit you.

The ceiling is generally a space that can be utilized in the best possible manner. Think about it – your audience is roaming in a high-traffic space and can feel something dangling above them or feel something stuck to the ceiling, they are bound to look up and, in some cases, even stop and read what is written. You could have short messaging or some motivational quotes, or even your brand’s logo put up there and it will be noticed as long as the ceiling graphics are attention-grabbing.

Here is how you can use ceiling graphics to your advantage:

  1. Direct foot traffic to your store in case of a new launch with these graphics. People are bound to enter your store and shop if it is something that interests them.
  2. Custom ceiling graphics improve customer experience in unimaginable ways. For example, targeting people in the gym or at the dentist’s office can work because they generally lay on their backs and face the ceiling. This gives them plenty of time to read through your messaging.
  3. Sometimes, your space may lack a bit of colour. Ceiling graphics can help brighten the space up effectively.

If you are wondering whether there are different types of ceiling graphics then the answer is yes. From ceiling banners to ceiling decals, there are many options to choose from. Take a look at some of the graphics used by most businesses.

  • Ceiling banners can be put up to promote your business, offer or be there just to display your logo. Whatever you choose to put up on the banner, know that after its use, it can be stored away to be used for another time. Made from quality materials, the graphics can serve you for years and can be easily transported from one place to another.
  • There are ceiling tiles that can also be brought to life with colorful graphics. Whatever messaging you wish to convey, just make sure it grabs the attention of your audience with the right use of fonts, colours, and visuals.
  • Made from vinyl or other printed materials, ceiling decals are a great way to get your message across. It can be used as a decorative option as well as serve the purpose of advertising by informing people about who you are and what your brand offers.

So, wait no more! Contact our team today for exceptional ceiling graphics solutions in Fort Saskachewan.

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