Fort Saskachewan Custom Vinyl Lettering

Are you looking for superior quality vinyl lettering to promote your business? At Pivotal Signs & Imaging in Fort Saskachewan, we use high-quality vinyl to create custom letters and number decals that speak about your offering. To make the most of your vinyl lettering, there are a few things you should consider and know. Investing in any form of a sign takes time and it is important that you get all the aspects right. Therefore, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to vinyl lettering.

  1. The font you use is important. There are many to choose from and sometimes, just because a font looks good does not mean it is readable. Once printed and cut, your decals will be ready to be installed. Make sure that they are readable or all your efforts will go down the drain.
  2. The next factor to look into is the color. Stick to your brand colors as much as you can. Also, do make sure that the colors are well used and not overly used. This is important because if the colors are not pleasing to the eye, the whole message will be lost.
  3. Your vinyl lettering will need to be of a specific size for specific surfaces you wish to display them on. Now, opting for too big lettering for small surfaces and too small lettering for large areas would negatively affect your brand’s promotion. Speak to us before you decide to get an expert opinion on this matter.
  4. Always invest in quality material when it comes to your signs. They are much more durable and will last for years if taken care of in the right manner.
  5. Maintenance is important when it comes to vinyl lettering. Clean the surface upon which the letterings are placed with soapy water to get rid of any dirt. Make sure to get the minor tears fixed, if you are looking to keep them on for a long time.
  6. Lastly, make sure that the surface you choose to display them on is visible to your target audience. A professional sign company will be able to guide you in this matter too.

Choose us for Vinyl Lettering in Fort Saskachewan, AB

Vinyl lettering can create the right impact for your business and therefore, you should take advantage of it by following some of the very basic points. Contact our team today to create effective signs for your business in Fort Saskachewan.

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