Bringing Your Brand To Life: How Edmonton’s Sign Makers Can Help

Bringing Your Brand To Life: How Edmonton's Sign Makers Can Help

Branding defines a business because it speaks to its target customer’s needs. It also forms their opinions of a business’s products or services. In a market that is over crowded and extremely competitive, branding is everything: Having the right brand message that promises to solve a problem or fulfill a desire, and that people can relate to, will ensure your business’s success.

Creating a brand is time consuming and it is no easy feat, especially in today’s marketplace. That’s because all new business owners must ask themselves the following questions:

– What makes my products or services unique?

– How will my products or services solve a problem or fulfill a desire?

– What makes my products or services better than all the similar products and services on the market?

Once you have established your brand, signage is the best way to bring it to life. If you’re planning on opening a store in Edmonton, here are a few ways Edmonton sign makers can bring your brand to life.

  1. Create your logo and brand message. You don’t need to have a logo in order to have your signage made. A professional sign maker can design a logo for you if need be. All you would need is a vision of what your desired logo looks like. A design specialist will also help you come up with a brand message that’s short, succinct, and attention-grabbing.
  2. Colour scheme. Colour scheme is important because it represents your brand. When deciding on colours, keep this fact in mind: About 95% of all consumers make a purchase based on the color of a product. Most if not all buyer decisions are based on emotions. For this reason, the colours you use in your brand must reflect the emotion your products or services intend to invoke in prospective customers. A professional sign maker can help you choose the colours that best represent your brand and your brand message.
  3. High quality material. Professional sign makers will only use the highest quality materials for signage and they will recommend different materials for different uses. For example, vinyl mesh is recommended for outdoor signs while canvas is best suited for indoor signs. An experienced sign maker will even make recommendations for placement to maximize your business’s exposure.
  4. Creativity. During the initial consultation phase, a sign maker will encourage you to think outside the box. Get those creative juices flowing with ideas for creative sign design that will showcase your brand in a unique or unusual way. A sign maker will brainstorm ideas with you until you have found an idea that will work well with your brand and your taste in style.

Why Choose Us To Bring Your Brand To Life

If you’re planning on opening a retail store in Edmonton and need signage, Pivotal Signs & Imaging is your solution.

We have a team of professional and certified sign specialists who will help you bring your brand to life with signage that will set your business apart from your competition. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you love the final product.

Pivotal Signs’ goal is to always strive for complete customer satisfaction and we’ve helped many businesses get the perfect sign for their company.

Call us now to learn about how signage can bring your brand to life, attract customers to your place of business, and drive sales.

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