Will Vehicle Magnets Damage My Car? Top-5 Customer FAQ In Edmonton, AB

Will Vehicle Magnets Damage My Car? Top-5 Customer FAQ In Edmonton, AB

Vehicle magnets are durable and they have the same visual appeal as car wraps, for a fraction of the cost of a wrap. This makes vehicle magnets a recommended choice for new businesses or for business owners who own a fleet of vehicles.

Vehicle magnets, like car wraps, are your go-where-you-go form of advertisement. Their cost-efficiency can help exceed your return on investment. However, one big question that many business owners have is this: Will vehicle magnets damage my car?

No, they don’t. In this article we will examine the top-5 questions our customers here in Edmonton have regarding car magnets.

1. What Materials Are Vehicle Magnets Made From?

Car magnets are generally made from vinyl that has a magnetic backing. The vinyl is of the highest quality which makes it durable and long-lasting.

2. How Do I Install A Vehicle Magnet?

The process is quite simple. Before installing, clean your car. Once your car’s exterior is completely clean and dry, remove the fling from the magnet side of the sign and then carefully place it on your car. As you place your magnet, apply some pressure and smooth out the surface. This helps prevent air bubbles from forming. It also helps the magnet to stick properly.

3. How Do I Remove My Car Magnet Without Damaging My Car?

The best way to remove a car magnet without damaging it or your car is to apply an adhesive solvent over and around your magnet. You can then heat it up with a blow dryer. The heat from a blow dryer weakens the bond between the magnet and car body. When removing the magnet, start at the edges as they are often the first areas to come loose.

4. Will The Car Wash Ruin My Magnet?

It is highly recommended that you remove your car magnet before you take your car in to be washed. This is because the pressure and force of a car wash’s cleaning equipment can simultaneously weaken the bond between the magnet and car body, causing it to come off.  The chemicals used during the process can also reduce a car magnet’s quality and durability.

5. Will The Car Magnet Come Off If I Drive Fast?

If your car magnet is placed flat against your car’s surface and it has no upturned corners, it won’t fly off when you drive at a high speed.

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